What You Must Know About Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty is the most routinely performed procedure in Plastic surgery practice. In common parlance it’s known as a ‘nose job’ but that would be an oversimplification of the procedure. It is usually undertaken for cosmetic purpose to improve the aesthetic appearance of nose. It may or may not be accompanied by septoplasty which involves reconstruction of the nasal cartilage and bone, in order to repair a deviated nasal septum. Septoplasty serves a functional purpose mainly since it improves the air flow through the nose. Based on testimonials rhinoplasty Lake Jackson in Texas.

It’s very important to be fully informed prior to the procedure so you can gauge the risks involved in the procedure versus the benefits you desire from the surgery. What to know before having a rhinoplasty surgery?


The first and foremost factor prior to determining if the rhinoplasty surgery is the best fit for you, is to assess your actual motivation behind the procedure along with your expectations from it. It’s of paramount importance that you have an open and honest discussion with your doctor regarding the results you want achieve from the surgery. Your doctor can then guide you if those desired results are actually attainable by the surgery or not. Feel free to ask pertinent questions about the procedure so you can make a fully informed decision aided by knowledge. As in the case of every surgery, this procedure isn’t free from risks or adverse effects. They could be intra-operative or post-operative. If you’re looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon in Houston, rhinoplasty in Sugar Land Texas is the best choice for sure.

A complete medical history is undertaken alongside physical examination prior to surgery. It’s determined on individual basis whether a particular patient will require local or general anaesthesia. The length and level of complexity of the surgery is also determined for every individual by performing a thorough examination by the doctor. They often require the ‘before’ surgery photographs to compare with the ‘after’ surgery photos to document the degree of change achieved. Patients are advised to refrain from smoking prior to and after the surgery as it hampers healing.

Also certain medications should be stopped beforehand which might increase the risk of excessive bleeding such as anticoagulants or aspirin etc. A review of all the medications being taken by the patient is done. Recovery period- Generally mild effects to be expected after the surgery are local swelling and discomfort at the site of a rhinoplasty surgery. There can be discolouration or bruising of skin around the area. These usually disappear by the end of second week after the surgery. There can be some discharge from the site, which is nothing to worry about. Patients are recommended to avoid any strenuous physical activity in the recovery period to aid proper healing. Blowing the nose is also to be avoided. Healthy balanced diet also expedites the recovery.

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